Best Rotary Tattoo Machine – List of Top 10 Pics and Review 2019

Tattoo culture is growing rapidly across the world. The symbolism and charm of tattoos fascinate both males and females alike. This presents a good and profitable business opportunity for all those Tattoo artists. If you also want to try your hands in this business, then ensure to have the right equipment for tattoo making, of which the primary is a new tattoo machine. There are two types of tattoo machines machine Coil and Rotary, and the best is the rotary tattoo machine for a variety of good reasons. The best rotary tattoo machine comes with a built-in small eclectic motor, and it is connected to the needle directly.
  • It powers the needle to move faster and precisely while creating the best tattoos. As compared to the best coil tattoo machines, the rotary models are the best.
  • The coil Tattoo machines are noiseless, and it has lesser vibration, which makes tattoo making experience quite challenging for a novice tattoo artist.
  • There are many other factors which you are required to consider when looking for best tattoo machines for beginners.

Below is the helpful guide on how to choose the Best Rotary Tattoo Machine and reviews of some best rotary models that are worth considering.

There are many brands and models available today, and this may make you confused in selecting the right one. So, to barrow down your search, here is the review of the top 10 models of rotary tattoo machines.

Quick Notes of the Top 10 Rotary Tattoo Machine Reviews

Reviews of Best Rotary Tattoo Machine

1. Rotary Tattoo Machine Tattoo Pen MachinesHoriKing is the new brand that has ventured into the rotary tattoo machine market, and with the launch of the G2 model, they have proved they are here to last longer.

This is the powerful rotary tattoo machine that comes with a powerful motor from Japan, and it is very light in weight, which makes maneuverability easier and efficient for the tattoo artists.

The motor is powerful and strong to create any tattoo on the skin without causing any pain or discomfort on the skin of the person. This rotary tattoo machine is suitable for black and grey shading and more accurate liner tattoos.

The tattoo pen is designed CNC aluminum, which guarantees long term usages without deformation. The frame of the machine has a three-stage structure, which is easy to assemble and disassemble, and this makes cleaning and maintenance easier.

The manufacturer has designed the tattoo machine with autoclave gripping, and it is designed with a steel ball rotation adjustment structure, which allows the artists to adjust the needle precisely.

  • It causes very negligible noise, and this makes it easier for the artist and the person to get the skin inked comfortably. It has an adjustable stroke of 0-4mm, and the needle precision is 3.5mm.

The operating voltage of the machine is 5-10V, with a stitch frequency of 25-160Hz.The machine has a cartridge tattoo grip diameter of 30mm, and its height is 115mm.


  • Comes with steel ball rotation adjustment structure
  • Compatible with all brands tattoo power supplies and cartridge needles
  • Soft, smooth and quiet operation


  • Lacks in accessories and supplies

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2. Hawink Tattoo Machine Rotary Tattoo Short PenHawink is the powerful and noiseless tattoo machine which is designed with German FAULHABER motor which vibrates less than the traditional tattoo machines. The machine vibrates less, but it is efficient and high when it comes to puncturing the skin for inking.

It has a higher puncturing power and frequency, and it features the best powerful Motor with German technology. This ensures efficient inking in the skin with less discomfort and pain. The tattoo machine has an exquisite look, and it is upper stable, while very light in weight.

This tattoo machine is designed with an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy enclosure and 32mm of aluminum alloy sleeve.

It is very light in weight and easy to master the skills of tattooing. This tattoo machine is designed for both experienced and beginner level tattoo artists.

The tattoo machine is designed to give the users with the same feeling of an actual pen, and it features a powerful motor for efficient tattooing experience. The tattoo machine is exquisite in appearance, super stable, and lightweight, and all these features make it the top choice for any tattoo artist.

The machine has a stroke of 3.5mm, and the voltage in which it runs is 4V and comes with a stitch frequency of 25-160Hz. The package includes all the essential accessories and supplies, including the RCA Cord Connection.

The maximum operating voltage is 10V and avoid running it on higher than this, or you may experience overheating of the motor.


  • Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy enclosure
  • Designed to give you a feeling of a real pen
  • Super stable, lightweight and exquisite in looks


  • Overheating issues when running on the voltage of over 10V

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3. Hawink Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen RCA CordThis is another professional-grade tattoo machine with a rotary cordless motor from Japan. It allows the tattoo artists of any level to control the professional tattoo pen easily.

The tattoo machine comprises three essential parts which can be disassembled easily, and it has an adjustable grip which you can adjust with needle protrusion to select the desired linear or the shade as per you need.

With the drive part of the tattoo machine, you can easily adjust the protrusion harder or softer and easily draw different styles of the tattoo on the skin efficiently.

The tattoo machine allows the artists to chance the motor part with eccentric wheels of varied sizes, and this completely depends on the tattooing projects and personal preferences. So, unleash your creative vision with this best tattoo rotary machine.

This tattoo machine is ergonomically designed, and it is very lightweight and stable, which ensures excellent handling

It has the interchangeable strokes which you can adopt as per the styles of different tattoos. You can set the needle protrusion from 0-3.7mm as per the need of the tattooing project, and the incremental one turn Give Knob dial for selection of harder or softer needle stroke make it the perfect choice for any tattoo designing.

The package includes the RCA cord connection, and the operation voltage of the machine is 5-12V, and the stitch frequency of the machine is 25-160Hz.


  • Advanced drive and more control
  • 3 selections of detachable parts
  • Easily interchangeable strokes to suit the diverse styles of tattooing


  • Continuous usages can lead to overheating of motor and mechanical wear

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4. Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo MachineDragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine is the lightweight, simplest rotary tattoo machine which is best suited for shading and lining.

The kit comprises of every supply that you need for tattooing, and this makes it a fantastic choice for all beginners.

Despite being powerful for inking, it is noiseless and functions without producing much noise. The best part of this tattooing machine is that it is easy to handle and comes with a perfect grip for novice artists.

The tattoo machine comes with the option to adjust the needle from 2.8mm to 3.5mm, and this means that it has the highest strokes of 3.5mm. It is very versatile and can be used for varied tattoo making seamlessly.

The machine can be used for producing any type of style, and it gives you the option to make use of any colored ink for tattooing. The tattoo machine is ergonomically designed, and it is very light in weight, which gives you the feeling like holding a pen in hand.

  • This is because of the emulation of the clutch, and the figure is very precise.

It is very light in weight, and it weighs only 120gram. Plus, the length of the body is 11.7cm, and it is a lightweight model with an operating voltage range from 6-9V.

  • It is compatible with any size of the needle, and you can set the length of the needle that works best for your project.


  • Easy and seamless to regulate
  • Suitable for shading and lining
  • Accurate inking with the highest precision


  • Low operating voltage of 9V

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5. Dragonhawk Essence Tattoo Pen Rotary Tattoo MachineThis is another powerful rotary tattoo machine by Dragonhawk, which is suitable for shading, coloring, and black inking on skin.

This is the easy to use, lightweight pen titled rotary tattoo machine that is very cheaper as compared to all other models out there.

It is affordably priced, but this doesn’t mean that the performance of the tattoo machine is compromised. It is made by a popular brand and this one good reason why you must purchase this tattoo machine over the other high-end models.

The tattoo machine is ergonomically designed with perfect gripping, and it is lightweight, which allows the artists to use the machine efficiently. Even with prolonged use, your hands won’t pain, and you won’t feel tired.

The tattoo machine operates very quietly without causing much noise, and it won’t produce unnecessary vibration.

The machine comes with grip cover fabric that prevents the tattoo machine from slipping out of your grip when working with it.

Because of its unique design, it looks and feels like the original pen, and this makes it easier to be used by people with small hands and grips.

  • The users will also appreciate the versatility offered by this tattoo machine, and it is compatible with all types and brands of cartridge needles.

It has a working voltage of 6-9V, and it is supported by the Japanese motor for powerful operation.


  • It is the pen titled rotary tattoo machine
  • Good gripping and suitable for people with small hands
  • The small learning curve to use


  • Not good for long operations or tattooing

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6. Dragonhawk Cartridge Tattoo Machine Kit Pen Rotary Tattoo MachineLike all other models mentioned above, this is also the pen-style rotary tattoo machine, which is easy to use and ergonomic in design. The weight of the machine is only 135 gram, and this makes it a very lightweight model which can be used efficiently for tattooing.

You won’t feel tired using the machine longer, and you won’t hurt your hand during prolonged use of the machine for inking the skin.

Note: The rotary tattoo machine comes with an advanced gear system, and this power the rotary motor, and it is very quiet with minimal vibration, yet it is powerful to ink the skin efficiently.

Note: The best part is that it comes with anodized aluminum construction, and this enhances the overall durability of the machine.

Moreover, it is a very versatile tattoo machine where the users can adjust the needle depth from 0-4.5mm with higher strokes of 3.5mm.

Another great factor of the tattoo machine is its compact size and style. It offers perfect gripping in your hands, and it never slips out from hand while working it with.

The package includes 20 pieces of tattoo needle cartridges along with a power supply fitted with the machine itself. The stitch frequency of the machine is between 55Hz and 165Hz with needle protrusion of 0-4.5mm.

The rotary motor integrated into the machine has the highest RPM of 9000, and this makes it quite powerful and stronger.


  • Excellent performance
  • Comes with 20 pieces of needle cartridge
  • Long-lasting stability and lightweight


  • The machine doesn’t use RCA electronic cord

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7. Mast Tour Rotary Tattoo Pen MachineThis pocket-size rotary tattoo machine comes with special components and powerful motor hit.

This rotary tattoo machine is compatible with all the brands of tattoo cartridges, and it comes with the superior quality stainless steel spring inside the body.

This ensures a powerful and direct hit with enough softness to prevent pain. It is a suitable machine for fine dot work, lining, shading, coloring, and black and grey realistic look.

The grip of the machine is designed to be sterilized in an autoclave, and the grip of the machine is removable, and all the frame parts can be separated along with the grip. This makes cleaning the machine frame easier and smoother.

  • It also features the wear-resistant RCA jack and light running, and it is compatible with standard tattoo power supplies.

The frame of the machine is designed with powerful solid rods of higher grade aluminum, which is anodized and polished for an extended lifespan

The machine is very lightweight, which weighs only 82gm, and the start voltage of the machine is 4V, while the stitch frequency is 25 Hz and 160 Hz.

The package includes only the machine and the RCA cord for power supply.

The machine delivers the highest stroke length of 3.5mm and needle depth of 0-4.0mm. It ensures smooth and gentle ink transfer to skin, and it is suitable for all types of skins.


  • Effortless to handle and use for tattooing
  • Efficient and seamless cartridge changes and replacement
  • Durable tattoo machine with a pen-like design and very light in weight


  • Operation voltage is very low and very compact in size

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8. Tattoo Machine Kit Power Supply 50Pcs Cartridges Needles CordTransfer ink to skin smoothly and gently with this rotary tattoo machine by DragonHawk.

It is a durable machine designed like a pen-style, and it is very light in weight and flexible for every style. It comes with a cover which makes covering and protecting the needles effortlessly.

This rotary motor functions noiselessly, and it causes very minimal vibration, yet it is effective to transfer the ink to the skin efficiently.

The machine has the higher puncturing power with higher frequency. This machine enables you to enjoy customized tattooing experience, which you can accomplish with it in a variety of techniques and styles.

It is the all-rounded rotary tattoo machine that is designed for ultimate control and accuracy.

It gives you the feel and grip of an actual pen, and this enables you to enjoy more precise and comfortable tattooing than traditional machines.

This tattoo machine features the powerful motor and other advanced gear systems that are quiet in operation and reliable with minimal vibration.

Note: The package includes the 50 pieces of needle cartridges, and the power supply is fitted with the rotary machine itself.

The machine is compatible with all brands of cartridge needles for better tattooing experience. The cartridge replacement and changes are efficient, and you can use any brand cartridge needle with this machine.

It is multi-functional and easy to install, and the gripping is optimal, which gives you the feel of an actual pen.


  • Japanese powered rotary motor
  • Gentle in ink transfer with minimal vibration and noise
  • Comes with 50 pieces of needle cartridges


  • Needle Strokes are not as expected

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9. Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo MachineThis is a powerful, yet efficient rotary-style tattoo machine which runs noiselessly and delivers precise hits on the skin for ink transfer.

The machine has the highest frequency, strokes, and puncturing power, and this enables the artists to customize the tattooing experience and complete the task of ink transfer faster and easier.

With this single tattooing machine, you can enjoy a variety of styles and techniques of tattooing, and the well rounded rotary style machine is designed to deliver ink transfer with the highest control and precision.

Moreover, the machine has the emulating feeling of an actual pen, and the gripping is perfect for small hands as well.

With this tattooing machine, you can enjoy more comfortable and precision tattooing processes than any other conventional tattooing machines.

Because of its compact size and design, you get the closest feeling of a pen, and its ergonomic design makes the pen style machine very lightweight.

  • This tattooing machine works at the voltage of 6V-9V, and it has the highest RPM of 10000, which ensures higher and faster strokes during ink transfers and with the highest precision.
  • This tattooing machine is compatible with all the cartridge needle brands, and types, and the packages include the DC cord and the machine.

It is very lightweight, which weighs only 120g, and the total length of the tattooing machine is 11.7CM. The machine is designed with a custom mast motor and space aluminum frame.


  • Highest RPM of 10000
  • Compatible with all cartridge needles types
  • Custom mast motor and aluminum frame of aircraft-grade


  • Very small not suitable for larger hands

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10. Ego Rotary Tattoo Machine Switch PenEgo Rotary Tattoo Machine is another wonder by DragonHawk, which is designed for tattoo artists who want to use it as a pen.

It comes with easy control and releases foot so that the artists can focus more on tattoo work and less on the pain in their hands.

This rotary style tattoo pen is designed to be used efficiently to design different styles of tattoos, and it needs continuous mode power supply, and artists can enjoy tattooing without foot pedal as the tattooing can be handled easily with the machine switch itself.

The grip of the tattoo machine is another feature that is worth mentioning, and it is safe to be sterilized before every use in an autoclave.

  • You can also use other spray-able sterilize products for cleaning of the grips.
  • The power supply button needs to be pressed 3-5 times to light on and off and press the button once to start the continuous mode of the light.

The RCA connection supply that comes with the machine has a diameter of 28mm, and the complete length of the machine from tip to tip is 118CM.

It comes with an anti-roll design and features the rotary motor that is powered by Japanese technology. It has the first one and off switch button inbuilt. The machine frame is designed with a solid rod of high-grade aluminum, and it is anodized and polished for a luxury look.

The machine is perfect to be work with all kinds of cartridge needles, and you can use it for multiple works like fine dot works, lining, shading, color packing, and black and grey realistic.


  • World’s first built-in on/off switch
  • Suitable for all kinds of tattoo works
  • Grip safe for sterilization in the autoclave


  • Lacks in needle cartridge from the brand

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There are different brands that claim to design best rotary tattoo machine. But you must not always trust the claims made by the manufacturer; instead, prefer doing research yourself to grab the best unit for best tattoo making experience.

The first to consider is the material of the tattoo machine. There are different materials that go into designing rotary machines.

It is necessary that you check the attributes and specs of the tattoo machine before buying.

Ensure that the machine is capable of tolerating the stress people have to offer during tattoo making.

It is always suggested that you Buy tattoo gun that is made out of brass or steel as they are always the best. But you need to shell out more money for such models. However, there are also cheap tattoo machines, which are made out of the plastic body.

It is recommended that you always compare the Tattoo Machine Price online before buying to grab the best deals and offers and save some money.


SuppliesThe Best Rotary Tattoo Machine comes with some additional accessories which make working efficient and effortless. For example, the power cable is included in the package to supply the required power to the machine.

The needles are also included in the package, which is used for puncturing the skin and the ink to create the required tattoo on the skin. So, look for the best Tattoo Supplies Online before buying a machine for tattooing.

After checking the durability of the tattoo machine, you need to look for the Best Tattoo Power Supply Cable, ink, needles, and other supplies included in the package.

The Tattoo Gun Prices are decided based on the accessories and supplies included in the package.

Ease of Use

Ease of UseIf you are a beginner and want to hone your skills as a tattoo artist, then ensure to buy the Best Rotary Tattoo Machine, which is light in weight and offers ease of use.

The tattoo machine needs to have the ergonomic design to ensure that you have better comfort and exceptional gripping of the New Tattoo Machine for proper tattoo making.

You must avoid buying the Cheap Tattoo Equipment, which would leave you with frustration at the end. The lightweight models are a fun-filled to use, and it makes maneuvering on skin easier and faster. This will further enhance the accuracy of the final tattoo.

The Speed of the Motor

The important factor that you are required to consider when buying the Best Rotary Tattoo Machine is the speed of the motor. The speed is measured in RPM (Repetitions Per Minute).

The Speed of the MotorSo, the higher the RPM of the motor, the higher its speed would be, and the best results you can achieve with the tattoo machine.

The high-speed motor reduces the pain felt by the person while inking their skin with the machine. So, the higher the RPM the machine has, the lesser pain and discomfort would be felt by the person while inking their skin.

But you need to understand the fact that the rotary tattoo machine with higher RPM comes with a higher price tag.

However, you can save money on such models by comparing the Tattoo Machine Price online and grab the cheaper deals available to you.


Another important thing which is worth considering when buying the Best Rotary Tattoo Machine is the voltage consumed by the machine.

The simple thumb rule is that you must always look for a high voltage machine as they are more powerful as compared to the low voltage machines. The more voltage it consumes, the more powerful the machine is, and it works efficiently for inking the skin without any pain or discomfort felt in the skin.

It is important that you make the decision of the voltage depending upon your needs.

It is not always required to settle with the high voltage machine as they are mainly for professional-grade tattoo artists. Begin the beginner, and you may settle with some machine with mid-range voltage.

So, these were some of the factors which you are required to keep in mind when looking for the best rotary tattoo machine.

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